Cultural treasures

Côtes d'Armor is a place steeped in legend, whose rich maritime past and eventful history have left their mark on its culture and architecture.

Côtes d'Armor is a place steeped in legend, whose rich maritime past and eventful history have left their mark on its culture and architecture. Each of its pretty Breton townsand villages bears witness to a lasting legacy of traditions and heritage.

Ploumanac'h lighthouse

Ploumanac'h lighthouse

The Mean Ruz lighthouse is the emblematic feature of the village of Ploumanac'h – voted "France's favourite village" in 2015. Perched on a huge block of pink granite, the lighthouse blends perfectly into the curious backdrop created by the strange, spectacular rock formations.

From the lighthouse, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Château de Costaéres, Renote island and the Sept îles archipelago. The astonishing pink rocks in Ploumanac'h are a feast for the eyes and well worth the detour.

Roche Jagu Castle

La Roche Jagu

Overlooking the Trieux valley, this 15th-century château set in 75 acres of grounds – one of France's listed "Remarkable Gardens" – makes for a fascinating trip. As well as the castle itself and the beautiful gardens, the estate also regularly hosts imaginative exhibitions.

Visitors will enjoy simply strolling through the peaceful estate, admiring the gardens and breathing in the sweet scent of roses.

Gwin Zegal harbour

Gwin Zégal - a harbour with a difference

Gwin Zégal is one of the last remaining ports where wooden posts planted in the mud, held in place by rocks, are used for mooring boats. This quirky little harbour is one of the treasures of Côtes d'Armor's maritime heritage.

You can enjoy a great view of Gwin Zégal from the Plouha cliffs – yet another destination to add to your itinerary!

Bon Repos Abbey Brittany

The Abbey of Bon Repos

The Abbey of Bon Repos rises majestically from the banks of the Nantes-Brest Canal, on the edge of Quénéquan forest. This Cistercian abbey has had a turbulent past: it was founded in the 12th century and enjoyed a time of prosperity before gradually falling into ruin.

It was restored by a group of dedicated volunteers. Each year, it hosts temporary modern art exhibitions.

La Latte Castle Brittany

Fort la Latte

Near Cap Fréhel, this spectacular 14th-century castle and listed historical monument is perched on the water's edge, a mighty fortress that somehow seems to be suspended above the lashing waves.

Fort la Latte has been used as a set for several films. This jewel in Brittany's richly studded architectural crown is one of Côtes d'Armor's most recognisable and popular sights.

Quintin in Brittany

Brittany's "Small Towns of Character"

Brittany's listed "Small Towns of Character" all boast exceptional cultural heritage and architecture which are best discovered by strolling through their winding streets and alleys.

Quintin, Chatelaudren, Moncontour, Léhon and Jugon-les-Lacs are all fascinating, beautiful towns just waiting to be explored.

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