A few miles from the Mont Saint-Michel and St. Malo, before you get to France's "land's end", you'll find yourself travelling through a département brimming with secrets just waiting to be revealed. But shhh... keep it to yourself! From tranquil shores to lush green countryside, from exciting adventure holidays to luxurious getaways, Côtes d'Armor really does have it all.

Quintin, Brittany tourism

Cultural treasures

Côtes d'Armor is a place steeped in legend, whose rich maritime past and eventful history have left their mark on its culture and architecture.
Valley of the saints in  Brittany

Iconic sites in North Brittany

With its central location bordering on Brittany's three other counties, Côtes d'Armor is the perfect destination for a holiday in Brittany.
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Breton culture

Brittany has a rich and colourful history built on legends and epic adventures. The signs of this long past can be glimpsed today in the heritage that suffuses Côtes d'Armor as well as in the culture that...