Nature Holidays

The natural beauty of Brittany is at its most resplendent in North Brittany.

The natural beauty of Brittany is at its most resplendent in Côtes d'Armor. Nature's hidden surprises can be glimpsed at every turn: in the hollow of a rock, in a shady thicket, in the swell of a wave... A trip to Côtes d'Armor is a chance to see nature in all its finery.

In addition to our natural popular places which are Frehel Cap, the Pink Granite Coast, Bréhat Island and Guerlédan Lake, outside the box, discover its other natural beauties.

Rance river in Dinan

Exploring the Rance

Côtes d'Armor is criss-crossed with waterways that teem with aquatic life, much to the delight of fishing enthusiasts. The Rance is one of Brittany's most beautiful rivers; from its source in Collinée to its estuary, via the delightful town of Dinan, the whole of its 100km course is ripe for exploration on foot or by bike.

You can also opt for a boat trip with commentary to discover the river from another angle.

Sillion de Talbert

The Sillon de Talbert

This extraordinary trail of sand and pebbles, sculpted by the opposing currents of the rivers Trieux and Jaudy and measuring just 35m across, juts boldly into the rocky sea for 3km. The thin tongue of land, which attracts birds in vast numbers, is an ideal spot for an invigorating walk.

It also serves as a natural breakwater, sheltering the channel between Paimpol and Bréhat from strong currents. This fascinating natural curiosity is the perfect place to get away from it all.


The force of nature in Plougrescant

If you want to experience nature in all its raw, untamed splendour, then head for this picture-postcard setting, where the coastline sculpted into the rock gives way to the mighty ocean that lashes the monumental blocks of granite scattered across the Gulf of Plougrescant.

seabirds in brittany

Sept îles nature reserve

A short boat trip from the Pink Granite Coast takes you to this remarkable nature reserve that is home to 25,000 pairs of nesting seabirds.

Discover France's only colony of gannets and witness their spectacular murmuration as they sweep across the skies.

The Gorges du Corong

The Gorges du Corong

At the rural heart of Côtes d'Armor, near Locarn, across the heath and a little way along the river Follezou, you arrive at the fascinating Gorges du Corong.

The huge piles of boulders liberally strewn in and around the gorges in Duault forest are steeped in mystery and legend and create an extraordinary spectacle.

Maison Nature

Maisons Nature are a series of museums and discovery centres that introduce visitors to the outstanding natural heritage in Côtes d'Armor. Find out more about the area's beautiful flora and fauna:

  • Maison de la Baie in Hillion, Saint-Brieuc Bay
  • Centre Régional d'Initiation à la Rivière (river discovery centre) in Belle Isle en Terre
  • Maison de la Rance in Plouër/Rance
  • Maison Pêche et Nature (fishing and nature museum) in Jugon-les-Lacs
  • Centre de Découverte de la Forêt et du Bocage (forest and hedgerow discovery centre) in La Chapelle Neuve
  • Maison du patrimoine (heritage museum) in Locarn

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