Two days in the heartland of Brittany

The thing that attracted us to Brittany was its mystical side: the megaliths, statues, legends and granite formations dotted across its colourful heaths.

Bike along the Brest-Nantes canal

We decided to stay in a treetop cabin in the middle of the countryside so that we could have some quality family time and give our children a unique holiday experience.

And it certainly was unique – our first visit was to the astonishing Valley of the Saints in Carnoët, with its extraordinary stone giants. All afternoon we played hide-and-seek with these strange other-worldly figures.

After a delicious dinner in a farmhouse inn, we headed back to our cabin in the trees for a peaceful night lulled by birdsong and the strange sounds of nature.

For our second day, we went to the area around Guerlédan lake for a day of cultural and sporty activities. We discovered the mysterious atmosphere created by the morning mist over the Abbey of Bon Repos before visiting the Forges des Salles, a former ironworks that reveals the area's rich industrial past. Finally, we made the most of a sunny spell for a lovely family walk around Guerlédan lake.

This was a truly wonderful family holiday! We were already familiar with coastal Brittany but we were really won over by the beauty and majesty of this mysterious countryside.

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