Exploring the Pink Granite Coast

When we looked online for ideas for a holiday destination in Brittany, we were intrigued by the imposing landscapes along the Pink Granite Coast and decided to spend a few days discovering them for ourselves.

Paddle on the pink granite coast

We stayed in a 4-star campsite with beautiful views and a wide range of services and amenities. We wanted to spend our holiday going for walks and discovering the local area.

The customs trail gave us breathtaking panoramic views which varied depending on the time of day: we saw strange rock formations, the Château de Costaeres, Ploumanac'h lighthouse and Saint-Guirec beach with its magnificent luxury hotel.

The highlight of our holiday was without doubt our boat trip to the Sept-Iles archipelago, where we enjoyed a magical moment among the birds and witnessed the spectacular murmuration of the gannets above our heads.

We felt privileged to be able to discover these wild landscapes as they offered up their most beautiful natural wonders. And we never imagined that we'd discover surfing in Côtes d'Armor – that was another great surprise!

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