A relaxing weekend in Saint-Brieuc Bay

For one of our stopovers during our cruise along the Brittany coast, we decided to moor our boat in the charming little harbour of Dahouët to make the most of the lovely coastal resort of Pléneuf-Val-André.


When we arrived, we were immediately struck by the wonderful atmosphere along the esplanade in the late summer season. The beautiful beach stretched before us at low tide.

Our plan for these two days of relaxation was a golf break for the gentlemen and sea water therapy for the ladies.

One of the reasons we decided to stop at Pléneuf-Val-André was for its excellent golf course, which boasts stunning sea views.

We were delighted to find that all we'd been told about this resort was true: as well as pampering ourselves in the marine spa, we discovered some wonderful restaurants and sampled some delicious local produce. And strolling along that beautiful beach at sunset was simply fabulous.

After these two days, we climbed back on board our boat, suitably de-stressed and satisfied after our break in this relaxing yet invigorating environment, to head for the Bréhat archipelago and the Pink Granite Coast.

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